After Blue (Dirty Paradise)

After Blue (Dirty Paradise) ★★

I think my feelings kind of boil down to: a movie with this much visual imagination probably shouldn't be as boring to watch?

After Blue is basically plotless (with the hunt for Kate Bush being little more than an excuse to get the characters to visit new locations) and characterless (with both the mother and the daughter having no interiority to speak of and their relationship being hard to read coherently). With more than two hours of this to watch, it's kind of a slog to get through, even if there are a lot of fun visual details throughout. And the soundtrack was pretty good, too! You could probably cut a trailer from this that would make it look like the best movie ever.

But the best movie ever it was not. I'm sure this kind of approach has its fans, but for me, it did not enhance or emphasize anything I liked in the film; the gorgeous sets and the fantastic creature designs would have worked equally well if put into an actual story.

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