Avatar: The Way of Water

Avatar: The Way of Water ★★★★½

so i had been sick and then traveling during the holidays. soon off to a cottage visit with some friends, i wanted to get some avataring done before that. luckily, the only IMAX in here had a very late, half-full screening, so i was able to get a good seat; the only miscalculation i made was not realizing that since it was on Sunday and ended at 2 am, the metro and the buses would no longer be running. fuck.

well, the walk home was only 2 hours according to Google Maps, which would be faster than waiting for the morning buses, so i set out. it was not too cold, but the winter maintenance in Helsinki is famously not very good, so the streets were pretty slippery. the thing about that is that if you don't clear the snow out diligently enough, it just stays there melting and refreezing according to the shifting temperatures, resulting in various exciting combinations of water and ice. at least the major roads were graveled.

turns out that Google Maps does NOT know or care about winter maintenance. instead of staying on roads that would probably be in pretty good condition, the fastest route i picked without thinking took me through one of Helsinki's public parks. well, not ideal, but you can usually avoid slipping by just walking very, very carefully. it was not going to be a fast trek, but i was already pretty far from the other routes. it got worse when i realized that the park was remarkably hilly, requiring me to descend some of its slopes using all kinds of embarrassing tricks such as "hold on to trees" and "walk off the road where the snow is less flat".

then, midway through the park, the lampposts ended.

i considered just turning back, but i really did not feel like going through the hilly part again. and the sky was clear, with moonlight providing enough visibility reflecting off the snow that you could at least see the path (and as a bonus, really icy parts were easy to spot). so i just continued.

avoiding looking at my phone because doing so just blinded me for a while, i followed some very convenient ski tracks that appeared to follow the sacred path bestowed upon me by Google Maps. there were some distant animal noises, but this being a public park in Helsinki, it at least wasn't a bear or anything. all this made me realize that horror movies are actually very real because people do make kinda stupid decisions all the time, and if a werewolf got me now, i would totally have deserved it. or maybe this was more of a grounded, serious thing and i would just slip badly and die or walk into a lake while on my phone like a damn millenial. well i guess werewolves aren't real because i got home and didn't die.

anyway the movie was really good and i will probably rewatch it and write a proper review sometime

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