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This review may contain spoilers.

Holy shit holy shit holy shit. Who adapted someone's Timothée Chalamet cannibalism RPF into a feature film? I mean seriously, there is a baffling amount of fanfic/YA tropes in this:

– the protagonist's most notable personality trait is loving to read

– it's about a lot of edgy and dark shit but almost entirely in a cool and fun way

– it's episodic, the relationship forming the structural core and what you might expect to be the main plot being resolved in the first half

– the thin worldbuilding is built around establishing identities that form social groups ("eaters" and "non-eaters") and make the protagonists special

– the characters are in what you could call a pretty bleak social & material situation but they appreciate being free to do anything and go anywhere they want

– the leads are deeply traumatized and troubled people but not in any way that would pose a problem for their fun romance

– the antagonist is just some guy whose personality is being weird and evil and who is more of a plot event than a character

I had a lot of fun seeing Luca Guadagnino of all people play the source material so straight, but I guess this is still a criticism? Like, maybe it should have had an actual structure. It's fine though. It was fun.

Anyway, everyone is wrong about the metaphor. It's not queerness or addiction or whatever, the movie is about being a furry. It's about belonging in a global, non-hierarchical, loosely defined community and meeting new people you're not completely sure how to feel about because the only thing connecting you is the weird interest you share (vore).

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