Dual ★★

A terrifying vision of a future where, instead of displaying a placeholder message with some kind of animation, a chat application indicates that the other person is typing by making their name "Name (Typing)". What the hell??? That is NOT where that information belongs

Anyway, pretty bad. Seemingly a mashup of two conflicting approaches to the premise:

1) What if they replaced you with a clone after finding out you were dying? Would the clone come to enjoy your life or make it into something different – or even become an improved version of yourself? Would your loved ones like the clone better than you? If miraculously cured, could you reclaim your old life, or would you have to become someone else?

2) What if you, for some fucking reason, had to duel that clone to death to determine who gets to live and Aaron Paul trained you to do that

I guess you can see the clashing tones here: the first story kind of wants to be a semi-serious Black Mirror episode with actual emotional stakes, while the second is so unconvincing and farcial that anything about it is impossible to take seriously. It doesn't help that the film is pure function, speeding through its plot and never stopping to characterize its world or the people living in it enough to make them even slightly interesting. Dual is just too hollow and utilitarian to be good science fiction and only momentarily amusing as a comedy, not to mention the twist ending being just kinda lame.

(Also: besides the weird nature documentary part in the climax, Tampere is completely wasted as a filming location, which probably contributes a lot to how out of time and place and scarcely worldbuilt the movie feels. Show more Manse, cowards. Show Tampereen ratikka. Sanna Marin cameo. and the Musta Makkara. anyway not very good)

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