Fire of Love

Fire of Love ★★★★½

No need to dwell too much on how sublime the footage itself was; the cinematic value of the acid lake trip is self-evident. The whole thing reminded me of Roar in the best way possible: by being so terrifying to look at that you have to wonder if what you're watching is some kind of snuff film.

Thankfully, the documentary surrounding some of the rawest nature photography ever was pretty well put together, too. The animations and the fantastic soundtrack did an excellent job at being timeless enough to complement the visuals. Loved the track that kind of sounded like a song from the 90s Moomin anime.

From examining the main couple as some kind of proto-influencers (RIP Katia and Maurice, you would have loved TikTok) to wondering if loving volcanoes is kind of queer to studying volcanoes as escapism to political mismanagement of natural disasters, the movie sure found a lot of contemporarily relevant angles to the story. I can imagine how it would annoy some viewers, but for now, I'm gonna say that it worked for me. The entire thing seemed coherent enough despite being about a lot of different things, and it's not like the movie had try hard to make it work. The volcano is a pretty good symbol for just about anything, after all.

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