Ghosted ½

me when i'm a side character in a bad romcom and see two characters with zero romantic chemistry: omggg you two should get a room lol

There's something so uncanny about these streaming-era "written and directed by ChatGPT" movies. Ghosted does not feel like it was crafted by human hands as it teleports the leads through its aimless, structureless plot, exploring the thematic intersection of modern dating culture and being a secret spy (which the title suggests the movie is going to be about) basically not at all. At least it has plenty of interchangeable celebrity cameos that will make you say "that is a celebrity I recognize".

I guess the intended target audience consists entirely of Apple shareholders, who will be delighted to hear that the company's streaming service now has an original title with Chris Evans and Ana de Armas in it and only slightly disheartened to hear that it fucking sucks. Anti-art.

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