Giant’s Kettle

Giant’s Kettle ★★★

i hate it when i miss the bus at the end of my shift at the Loudness Factory and then fall down some stairs

Sustains itself largely thanks to the thrilling, atmospheric visuals it is so easy to sink yourself into and some sharp sound design. In its best moments (which I will not list here in the interest of not spoiling a movie less than 10 people have logged at the time of writing this), the fact that whatever story hidden here is told so obscurantly doesn't matter, and the emotional clarity in the dream logic is enough.

Not every scene lands as hard, though – even if the characters being so vaguely sketched is the entire point, little about what is done with them is interesting or original on the level of everything else. I also wish the editing was a little less haphazard; some shots don't connect perfectly, especially near the beginning. In the end, Giant's Kettle is a truly chilling look into what life is like in Kouvola.

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