Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery ★★★

A disappointingly worse but nevertheless entertaining retread of the first one in many ways. As with that one (and appropriately telegraphed with no subtlety at all), the central un-mystery is really just a stage for the character drama and smaller sub-mysteries to play out on. Unfortunately, though, both feel less engaging than what the first movie provided. Maybe Glass Onion is kind of bloated compared to the sublimely snappy Knives Out; maybe the ensemble cast is worse, with less of a focus on giving the suspects satisfying character arcs.

Like the previous installment, it's at its most insightful when interrogating the core premises of its genre – namely, what Benoit is really doing here and whether the truth can make a difference or not, even if him being an already established character this time around prevents the movie from going as far as its predecessor. It can be forgiven when Blanc is easily the best part of the movie, feeling like one of the most iconic film characters of the decade already.

I'll gladly keep watching if the movies remain at least this good; their particular concerns and idiosyncrasies continue to feel both fresh and distinctive. With franchise growing pains hopefully out of the way, maybe the third one can be a little bit tighter and a little less fixated on overdoing the spectacle.

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