Poor Things

Poor Things ★★★

Barbie for edgelords and sadgirls.

A fun time at the movies. The stylized, pleasantly irreal set design is really something to behold, there are a lot of fantastically fun bits, and every performance feels distinctive while also doing precisely what it needs to.

Can't help but feel like Poor Things is slighter than it could have been, though; the Paris section especially laser-focuses on Emma Stone's porny Frankenstein adventure at the expense of everything else. As a result, the character beats set up there pay off kind of clumsily in the ending (what was that one character doing there?). In other words: needed more communism, needed more exploration of the injustice of not being able to choose where, when, and if you're born and how both parenting and marriage essentially involve shaping another person to your liking. It's a movie where you do get what is being said, but might not conclude that the themes were interrogated and developed in a particularly engaging way.

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