The Redeemers

The Redeemers ★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Is it fun? Yeah, sure. Is it a coherent narrative? Well, barely. For much of its runtime, it's pretty good – apart from some structural messiness with its use of nonlinearity – but later on, the movie commits an unforgivable sin by means of a third-act twist more concerned with shocking the audience than telling a story. Like this kind of thing often does, it changes the direction of the plot so drastically that everything previously established ends up not really mattering. In addition to being technically unimpressive, the conclusive gorefest just doesn't feel like anything because it's so far removed from what you thought the themes and character arcs of the movie were going to be like.

I could be more charitable with the rating, considering how much I laughed. And it is true that a few of the really good bits happened after the dumbass twist, perhaps demonstrating that it did serve some kind of arguable purpose. But on the other hand, the fun premise feels wasted. A more straightforward take on the material could have elevated both the storytelling and the comedy beyond what was achieved here, and I just kind of wish that I had been watching that movie instead.

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