Triangle of Sadness

Triangle of Sadness ★★★

Decent. Not terribly well paced but still easy to sit through, has genuinely good moments of comedy throughout, and is just pretty well made and nice to look at.

For a film that has zero subtlety and little more to say that "rich people sure are wacky", "influencers sure are wacky", and "people sure love being at the top of hierarchies", it does an admirable job at not drowning in the we-live-a-society-ness of it all. It's not even that obnoxious to watch, which is a huge compliment here. Well done, movie!

While the entire ensemble cast is very good (with Dolly de Leon and Woody Harrelson especially leaving a strong impression despite basically being one-act wonders), there is something structurally unsatisfying about how the characters come and go. The first act is very focused on the main couple, who are nevertheless out of focus for much of the middle and don't really get as much of a resolution as you might hope; the character drama is pretty much just stumbled through. And the quick transition from act two to three feels strangely rushed in a film that is otherwise content with taking its time. Maybe it's episodic to a fault, with every section having a strong sense of its own internal arc at the price of being a cohesive whole.

(also, i was just thinking: was the dude who looked like him and was basically kind of similar meant to be a caricature of Notch? if yes, he was disappointingly less weird than the real person. oh well! i guess the movie didn't need to be any more online than it already was, and the inclusion of a terminally divorced Twitter Nazi would have pushed it too far into that direction)

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