Every Christmas Has a Story ★★½

I love crappy Lifetime Christmas movies. I'm not afraid to admit it. One of my favorite things about them is that you never know which washed up actor you'll run into. Every Christmas Has a Story has a doozy. It has Willie Ames in a supporting role!

Who's that you ask? Well to me (and I assume most people) he is known as Buddy Lembeck from Charles in Charge. It was awesome to see Buddy back in action. Even though he has aged quite a bit.

And if Willie wasn't enough, Every Christmas Has a Story also throws in Lori Loughlin of Full House fame for good measure. And I must say at age 52, she looks absolutely stunning.

These films are always hit or miss but they always strive for the end game, the message. Every Christmas Has a Story leans to better than average.