• Lumpkin the Pumpkin

    Lumpkin the Pumpkin


    Sure he looks sweet & innocent but Lumpkin the Pumpkin might be the biggest egomaniac around.....and will claim its all in the name of safety & fun.

  • Death Magic

    Death Magic


    It's been a long while since I removed plastic wrap from a brand new VHS tape. It felt like I shouldn't remove it but then again I had to if I wanted to watch Death Magic - as it was the only method of viewing I could find.

    And it didn't disappoint! This film was meant to be watched on VHS. Added to the dark allure of its early 90s charm. I'm not going to say it was a very…

  • Bunni



    Sometimes these type of b-level-post-2010 horror flicks can be fun, not this one. Bunni is just plain awful. The best part was the blooper reel at the end of the credits - it was the only time I liked the characters/actors!

  • Sequence Break

    Sequence Break


    I like Chase Williamson in anything and I don't really know why. Well I guess I do. I really love the John Dies at the End book trilogy & one film where Chase Williamson stars as Dave. That's where it began. Plus Chase is awkwardly good in everything.

    In Sequence Break Chase stars as an introverted video game repair dude who gets sucked into some sort of creepy over-sexualized other dimension or something like that. It's....different.

  • Terrortory 2

    Terrortory 2


    A nice step up from the first film. Better production value and a much better wraparound with an interesting lead. Builds off the first film. I was kinda hoping there would be a third film....

    Also, love the fact that the story (and I am assuming it was filmed?) in my home state of Maryland.

  • Neon Maniacs

    Neon Maniacs


    Neon Maniacs has pure 80s potential. It could've should've been great. The monsters in this thing are super creepy, but the story relies too heavily on a love story. There should be no time for love in these types of moments - only time to worry about staying alive!

  • The Life and Death of a Pumpkin

    The Life and Death of a Pumpkin


    I will never look at the pumpkin picking/carving process the same again. It used to be such an enjoyable experience. But I am nothing more than a demon, kidnapper, and Disemboweler. Great short!

  • Mr. Pumpkin

    Mr. Pumpkin


    Great Halloween Vibes from the late 80's!

    Only 11 minutes and can be watched for free Texas Film Archive HERE.

  • Experimental Animation

    Experimental Animation


    Dave Fleischer's The Peanut Vendor is a short song and dance clip. It's supposed to be cute and charming but in retrospect it's quite eerie and terrifying. The actual peanut vendor character is akin to the Slender Man. Lanky, bizarre features, and robotic moves. This is the sort of stuff that creates nightmares for kids.

  • Stan Helsing

    Stan Helsing


    I know as a film fan, its fopaux to laugh at these type of flicks. But fuck it, I chuckled several times......especially at the low brow sexual jokes. Life's too short.

  • Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

    Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter


    Gott say, after re-watching the first four films of the Friday the 13th series, #4 has my vote as the best-to-date. Just having Crispin Glover & Corey Feldman in it, gives the film a strange homey feeling. Add in a dash of humor, some great kills & having Jason take center stage makes this one of the best.

  • The Golden Glove

    The Golden Glove


    If you don't feel like you need a shower after watching The Golden Glover, then there is no hope for you......