Annette ★★★★★

took me a while to piece together my thoughts on this,  because it was so different than what i expected, despite not exactly knowing what to expect. i think my first feeling when the screen cut to black was disappointment, i had built up this idea of what i was about to watch and it was just NOT that, at all. But after sleeping on it and relistening to the soundtrack, i understood that not only did i not see what i expected, i saw something unlike anything i’ve ever seen before. 

my second mistake was trying to make a sense of it. trying too hard to understand what it all meant, what it was all trying to say, what it was protesting against… but then i remembered my main takeaway from another film, The Sparks Brothers. The Sparks are special, ever changing, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. And they don’t make sense. And they’re no supposed to, that’s not what they are trying to achieve. And i think its very apparent, and not at all out of character, and simultaneously completely out of character-remember, unpredictable- that Annette is the project of theirs that finally came through

Let’s waltz in the storm ! 

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