Cruella ★★★★★

Brilliant, bad and a little mad...

Lately i was at a special premiere event reserved for people with a movie pass. They showed a bunch of exclusive trailers for all these big movies that we normally wouldn't see in theaters until much closer to release. Whatever, that's not the point.
And as i was watching these trailers i thought to myself "These movies don't look bad, and hell, i'll probably like some, but i don't know..."
I turned to my friend and said "Don't you think all these movies kinda look alike?"
And as i said it, i realised. They do. They don't look bad, necessarily, but they look tame, and interchangeable.

And what a surprise it was to see that the studio film that did something different was produced by none other than Disney, the big tame, interchangeable money making machine.

Cruella, not unlike the eponymous main character, is a bit "extreme", brilliantly fashionable and a little mad.

An eye for visuals, be it the gorgeous costumes that we are CERTAIN to hear about during the next awards seasons, the bonkers camera work, fully embracing the punk aesthetic we were promised since the first promotional image, and yes, i'm gonna say it, even the cinematography.

How refreshing it is to see a film that is instantly recognizable in a sea of blockbusters that are only differenciable by their star, tom holland or the rock.

Speaking of stars, The Emma's the film frames have nothing left to prove, but don't take anything for granted be it the audience, the costumes, the campy script or the film itself. They sell these characters as their own, making all comparisons utterly obsolete.
The supporting cast also does a great job, without ever stealing the thunder, even if Artie did steal my heart.

Now. The music. Not since Suicide Squad has there been such a stellar soundtrack, but unlike Suicide Squad, it knows how to use it. "They did THAT? They used THAT" you might think to yourself. They did. And it's perfect.

Cruella is this year's Birds of Prey. A film i hoped to love that managed to exceed expectations by simply having a soul.

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