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There are many sources of professional film criticism online, and countless sites devoted to helping you pick the next sleeper hit. But try as we might, we could not find an appropriate venue to write about and share our love of film, to keep track of what we watch, and to keep up with the popular sentiment about new (and old) films in a more meaningful way than just “three stars out of five”.

We thought, wouldn’t it be cool to look back after a year of cinema-going and recall what you watched, what you loved, and perhaps, what you wrote? You can’t link to an IMDb profile (that’s not a thing) but maybe we could build a place you’d be proud to share. A single place to showcase your life in film. So we made Letterboxd.

Our goal is to maintain and build upon what we’ve started. We will do our utmost to keep you (and your data) safe and happy. You will always have access to the data you’ve given us in a single, sweet zip file. We will never charge for an entry-level account, but we’d love you to support us by upgrading to a Pro or Patron membership. We will measure the success of what we’re doing by the size of our community, its level of activity and by the number of members who opt to support us financially.

Now that we’ve made good on some of our early milestones, we’re focused on improving our overall service, our native mobile apps, and on adding more features for our Pros and Patrons. Lights, camera…

—Letterboxd HQ