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  • Behind the Curve

    Behind the Curve


    Disclaimer, I AM NOT A FLAT EARTHER

    These doc however is equally entertaining and frustrating at the same time. It seems as if most flat earthers have this massive ego about themselves and it's super interesting to watch.

  • Room



    Very good. Don't know why I don't have more to say as there were some scenes that hit me really good emotionally. Seems to really slow near the end though, and William H. Macy is such a tease in this.

    My first film knocked off my 2019 shame list and I believe it's been on my shame list since 2017.

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  • Django Unchained

    Django Unchained


    16yr old brother brother dropped this bombshell tonight "I've never seen Django"

    2.5 hours later

    Probably around my fourth or fifth viewing and this time around definitely found more comical than previous viewings in a good way of course... make that great way.

  • The White Helmets

    The White Helmets


    The Miracle Baby scene will hit your tear ducts like a semi-truck.