Dunkirk ★★★★½

Nolan returns to his experimental narrative structure roots and delivers a claustrophobic, psychologically affecting war film. He's completely focused on recreating the events at Dunkirk and pushes character development aside to focus on the situation and visual storytelling instead of the overcomplicated plots and heavy exposition Nolan is known for and it works wonders.
This movie makes you even more appreciative of what soldiers go through in wars not just WWII which is felt by an inspirational conclusion to the film which received a whole round of applause from my cinema, which is rare because British people don't clap at shit in cinemas.
Some of my problems with it are some slightly uneven pacing from time to time and the perspective switching can get a little confusing but that could easily improve on more viewings.

A little bit extra: this was my first time seeing a film in IMAX since Avengers and it's worth it for sure, if you can see it at least on digital IMAX just go. And I saw it on 70mm which is the first time I've seen a movie on film at least in the age of digital projectors which you know feels great to say since I'm a real cinephile now.

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