Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

promising young woman had me confused in its first act. the plot and direction were hitting all cylinders and just great performances from everyone involved but i thought to myself "isn't this a bit shallow especially with this subject matter?" as the film goes into morally murky waters and then there's a moment in the 2nd act with alfred molina and from that point forward, this became so much more mature and actually asked the audience questions about our protagonist in such a great way. the film does not demean her motivations but it definitely asks if any of the actions she takes actually solves anything and then we hit the third act where this movie pulls out all the stops of its takashi miike, 90s erotic thriller, rom com cake mix and provided something which left my chest tight, provided catharsis but also made me ask questions; which i feel like that's the best thing a film can do, stay with me and not be over at the runtime.

i came in for the re-contextualisation of the 90s erotic thriller and came out with more of a deconstruction of it, i could see this film being a bit trigging for victims of SA though so do beware of that if you're considering a watch.

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