Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★½

i’ll take that sony villain universe if it means we get this franchise, i can’t honestly think of many places that this movie fumbled on. the animation is so unique and eye grabbing at every second, haven’t laughed this much in an animated movie while finding time to be emotionally sincere, the pacing is pitch perfect without taking away from fleshing the characters. and this was just handled so perfectly for the first POC lead spider-man movie, it never shys away from the fact that the character is an afro-latin teen from brooklyn, he wears jordan 1s with almost any fit, eats a little out of the pot before running off for school, it felt as they really get it.  i could go on about how great that first act was for a black person who had to switch up to a private school in his childhood and how they could have honestly made a movie around that but that’s not even half of the movie and the rest of it is equally as great anyway.

i’m rarely one of these people but please support this movie animated movies are rarely carried out with this much care and attention to detail, shit even some superhero movies and i just don’t want it to die on arrival. maybe sony can do some good things.

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