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  • Dark Figure of Crime

    Dark Figure of Crime


    Interesting but a bit of a mess.
    Tbh I have a very hard time keeping up with the Korean names so in these movies it all mixes up so I often dont quite get the whole picture, but I got enough from this.
    The issue is that this movie is pretty empty, it just entertainment done in a pretty standart way, it, in the end, just a cop movie that goes exactly as one expects.
    With South Korean movie having such good movies on this genre this doesnt even get close to those heights.

  • Assassination Nation

    Assassination Nation


    Holy fucking shit this movie was HISTERICALLY BAD. Preachy, manipulative...ffs, it literally started with a shitload of trigger warnings. The actual direction was VERY good in some instances but by god the script was full on hate speech and tryhard MUH MEN MUH WHITEPIPO but there is a trans character and some chads wanna kill her and they still respect her pronouns? Like the biggest asshole wants to kill her bcause a friend of his fucked her and they like…

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