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  • Belgica



    Belgica (2016) – Review

    Belgica is the fifth film directed by Felix van Groeningen, a Belgian film director, producer and screenwriter. The film, based on the real-life cafΓ© of Van Groeningen’s father, is a story about the rise and – inevitable – fall of the Belgica, a pub owned by Jo (played by Stef Aerts) and his brother Frank (Tom Vermeir). Although the film Belgica has a simple story at its core, Van Groeningen and his crew managed to tell…

  • Knight of Cups

    Knight of Cups


    Knight of Cups (2015) βˆ’ Review

    "Knight of Cups", directed by Terrence Malick (best known for his movie "The Tree of Life", which is the first feature film I've seen by the hand of Malick), is an interesting experience to say the least. I wasn't a big fan of "The Tree of Life", but "Knight of Cups" managed to lure me into Malick's great mind.

    The film starts off with the narration of a story:

    "A prince has to retrieve…

Popular reviews

  • Interstellar



    Interstellar (2014) - A Review

    Wow. Interstellar was an amazing experience. It was my first time going to the charming small town cinema six miles from my home town and I’m pleased I had this movie to attend. I wanted to see this film for a while now and tried to avoid all spoilers, and I’m glad I did, because this movie has some nice twists and turns.

    First of, Matthew McConaughey (The Wolf of Wall Street, Mud) and Anne…

  • Lucy



    Lucy (2014) - A Review

    Lucy is a sci-fi action movie about an American woman named Lucy who begins obtaining β€˜supernatural’ powers after she gets a large quantity of drugs in her body, starring Scarlett Johansson (Her, Under the Skin) and Morgan Freeman (The Shawshank Redemption).

    The movie isn’t really groundbreaking plot- or acting-wise. Lucy is a short but fun action flick with a not-so-scientific premise at its core. Luckily, the movie doesn’t take itself too seriously. If you look…