Blade Runner 2049 ★★★★

Denis Villeneuve does it again: after directing "Arrival" (in my opinion, one of the greatest film adaptations of recent cinema), he created this fine piece of film. I'm amazed that Villeneuve managed to pull of a sequel to an old science fiction classic, and I'm excited for his adaptation of "Dune", set to release next year.

"Blade Runner 2049" certainly holds up to the original picture, and is a solid sequel to the original "Blade Runner". Some parts of the film seem to drag on, and I think it would've been better to shorten some of the scenes, but the amazing score by the hand of Hans Zimmer, the stunning visuals and a solid plot (acted out by Gosling, Ford, de Armas and the rest of the cast) managed to captivate me for a large part of its run-time.

Watch this picture in cinemas if possible: it's certainly worth it to experience "Blade Runner 2049" on the big screen, even though I am convinced this film will still hold up on a smaller screen at home.

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