I Origins ★★★★½

I Origins (2014) - A Review

Ever since I've watched Another Earth (by the same director as this film, Mike Cahill), I knew that Cahill had something special. I'm not sure what it is, but both of his films that I've seen (Another Earth and I Origins) seem to give off this kind of vibe that makes his films − at least for me − very enjoyable.

I liked Another Earth, but liked I Origins even more. Even though this movie is, like other Letterboxd-reviewers pointed out, filled with pseudo-science, it was a very interesting watch.

Mike Cahill made a good choice to pair up again with Brit Marling. She gave a nice performance. The male protagonist, played by Michael Carmen Pitt (Seven Psychopaths) also did a good job.

Without going into detail, there are moments in the film where the characters are not likeable at all. Luckily, this problem is solved after the first act. I think this proves the ability of the actors, Michael Pitt in particular.

The science-fiction film tries to fade the line between science and spirituality in this "fictional" world, and does so perfectly. This picture also has some nice, high quality close-ups of eyes (in the style of the film poster) that you should definitely check out. Even if you don't care about the premise of the story, the movie is worth watching for these close-ups alone.

This film, filled to the brim with pseudo-science, unlikeable characters and an unbelievable premise, still managed to win me over with its beautiful performances and stunning cinematography. Even though it's basically all scientific nonsense, I'll never look at eyes the same way. Do yourself a favour and go pick up this movie.