Malcolm & Marie

Malcolm & Marie ★★★★★

How do any of any of y’all think this is bad? You got 100 minutes of fucking pure acting! Did you see Zendaya our goddess and queen?! JDW also gave a great performance. 

This is beautiful. This is great. I like flawed characters. I was entertained the entire time. 

I’m shocked by the low ratings and have to suppose it’s groupthink or maybe I’m a pretentious fool! It’s probably both!

Edit: so many people are missing the point of this film; he’s not making a commentary about one bad review. Go read an actual interview about the film. Zendaya literally agrees with the critic in the film. What kind of fuckery are you people on?! The point is that JDW is a narcissist and his art would be improved with criticism!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you all fucking watch the movie?! I’m so mad I can’t sleep.

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