Heat ★★★

Burt Reynolds plays "Mex" Nick Escalante, tough-guy-to-rent, based in Las Vegas and dreaming of retirement in Venice. During the first 20 minutes, he helps a friend take revenge on the son of a mafioso who mistreated her. This comes to the fore again in the last third of the film, when the Mafia offspring wants to repay the experienced humiliation with the help of his goons. In between, filling material which doesn't contribute much to the main plot but isn't wholly uninteresting either.

Reynolds himself is perfectly fine here, doing once again his thing shortly before his action career ran out of steam the following year. Meaning participating in excessive brawls and killings with the use of different devices and the movie relying on his starpower and exuberant violent peaks since the plot doesn't offer much more. If one likes the typical action fare of the 80s, one can do much worse.