The Long Night of Francisco Sanctis

The Long Night of Francisco Sanctis ★★★½

This film should be a model for smart young indie filmmakers. You start by acquring the rights to a terrific, gripping novel that focuses on one character (according to the actor Diego Velázquez, who plays Francisco Sanctis, the original novel is entirely told as an interior monologue). Then shoot mostly at night or in extreme close up to keep things under control. Hire a super-talented production designer, costumer and director of photography, and a talented acting crew (Velázquez is amazingly in control through every scene, and is supported by the wonderful Laura Predes and Marcelo Subiotto among others).

Some of the inescapable atmosphere of dread created by the husband-and-wife directors reminded me of Bela Tarr. And the finely tuned minimalist spirit of the images matches the best of modern Argentine writing, like the terse words of Juan José Saer or César Aira.

More, please!

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