A Moment of Innocence ★★★★½

An affecting utilization of the reflexivity and modernist meta approach to filmmaking - a la Kiarostami. Blurring the past and infusing those memories into the capsule that is celluloid, the film enthrals in manners totally unbeknownst and enigmatic to the viewer; attempting to gain a semblance of a chronology in the manipulated structure is ultimately futile. Here we delve into a relapse of both regret and reflection, a story having already taken place now dramatized. Biased perceptions are cast into reevaluation, heightened emotions provoked by unwelcoming realizations and newfound sorrows. But this is the path of introspection and redemption, wherein, specifically, violence is turned into beauty and that beauty is candidly captured in a conscious archive, coming to form its own faith in forgiveness - a moment of innocence emerging through alleviating self-condemnation.