Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★½

The theatrical cut in comparison to this new Ultimate cut is an entirely different creation. Our theatrical presentation jolted it's narrative, obscuring details of relevant information, yet finding their implications to elevate thematics. The Ultimate reveals to us the progression of Snyder's reality. Pace moves with a fluidity that embarks on a similar operatic scale to provide a story of gods and men. This does not mean the more compact version is not about that as well, however there's a tone that feels far more pressing in Snyder's initial release. It leaves me perplexed to pick my preferred version, as both remain to raise integral questions and sentiments when processing the genre it's apart of in a contemporary world. I only speak for the events here, as the copy I had watched was not of top-tier quality. But, still, I only have two qualms, revolving around minor dialogue issues.

The Ultimate cut provides a darker world, one that Luthor sees to be revealed to the masses and this journey is graphed out in greater detail. The Theatrical cut, however, brings an urgency to the material that the extended time does not allow for. Either way, it's foolish, I'd say, to deny such a force of genre filmmaking to go unappreciated.

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