Southland Tales

Southland Tales ★★★★½

Intelligent socio-political satire hyperbolizing our contemporary parties within the totalitarian state and the leftist retribution, depicted as neo-marxist ideals. An engagement of stupidity, the manifestation of loud voices, Southland Tales sets itself at the finale of a Bush presidency - post realization of domestic nuclear devastation - where commercialism governs the digitalization of humanistic perspectives. It's a deconstruction of the conservative construct, where the BANG leaves no ultimatum, instead forcing us to succumb. Sincere gestures find solace in abrupt crooks, grounding a modern dystopia, eliciting the pathos that has driven the world mad. A spontaneous waltz portrays beauty - a tragic calm before the storm.

This is an outlandish tale that utterly eviscerates logic, erecting itself atop the ruins of a broken reality, establishing a dissonance that will bring us back to where we began. If this isn't a masterpiece now, it will be in another viewing.

"I'm a pimp... and pimps don't commit suicide."