Stalker ★★★★★

How Stalker explains the concept of TRUTH is more in tune with an unreachable concept than any piece of literature has likely come close to. The Room is the manifestation of a key, essentially. This key would grant you sight beyond your subjectively skewed perspective. Porcupine gained this sight. He then killed himself. Our character's had a chance to both gain and destroy this objectified encapsulation of the ultimate form of knowledge, and yet they sit outside, deciding to do neither, instead comforting the hurt souls of each other, coming to terms with their place in life. The gesture reveals the lack of TRUTH in life, the feelings we thrive on and void's the concept of fulfilment altogether. For fulfilment comes when nothing more can be gained and, even up to your death bed, there will always be more. However, some of this more is unattainable. Live life, Stalker says, as industry, technology, science, literature and the unexplainable pass before your eyes. Love. As the train moves forward, bringing evolution to the times, as do we. And then the daughter, a final gesture one can only deduce relates in some part to the unseen rumble of the train. It's a question of meaning without an answer, which I believe is the perfect final sentiment for a film such as this.

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