Paprika ★★★★★

"My own discovery - a movie starlet."

Magical. No other word can describe the experience of watching this movie. If Redline is a nitro-boosted assault on the senses, then Paprika is a seduction, drawing you in with sharp wit, tantalizing beauty, and a level of dazzling imagination that few works can ever hope to match. Simply being in its presence is intoxicating.

If Paprika were comprised of just its animation - fluid, graceful, and constantly able to up the ante in terms of genius-level framing and editing - then it'd still deserve five stars. However, all of the beautiful design is backed up by some truly brilliant storytelling featuring poignant character development, a wry and subtle sense of humor, and a remarkable ability to subvert audience expectations and plunge deeper into poetic madness.

There's so much more I could talk about - the score, the Hitchcockian approach to duality, the film nerd gut-punch of an ending - but I want to keep this short. If you haven't seen Paprika, clear your schedule and see it. If you have, clear your schedule nonetheless. You'll never see animation the same way again.

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