Sleepwalkers ★★★½

“No vegetables, no dessert. That’s the rules.”

There’s no way that this would work without everyone involved being as committed to the project as they are - this entire thing just seems to radiate ramshackle, off-the-wall B-movie charm, especially once it drops all pretenses of subtlety and goes in on gonzo bombast in its second half. Hell, the script’s got a few neat ideas too, especially in terms of the “horror movie from antagonist’s viewpoint” concept. Not all of it works (Why was Ron Perlman only in this for two scenes? What are the rules for cat people in this movie? Why didn’t Clovis the Attack Cat have more screen time?) but it’s still zippy and unrelenting in a way that manages to bulldoze through some of its biggest problems. Catnip’s a hell of a drug, man.

Side note: I am deeply fascinated by the fact that the Aero Theater, one of my favorite theaters in LA, shows up here in Indiana playing a movie that won’t be released for four years. Makes just as much sense as the film’s mythology, I guess.

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