Bambi ★★★

My favorite part of the film is when Bambi, Thumper, and Flower meet up after winter.

Thumper: "Bros!!!! That winter was brutal, how are my homies?"
Bambi: "My ma died but now my bros are here so it's all good."
Flower: "This is the squad! No girls can tear us apart!"
Thumper: "No way! Bros before hoes am I right?"

A female skunk comes in.

Flower: "Oh damn! Boys it was great seeing you, I'll see you next spring my dudes!"
Thumper: "Flower is so weak dawg, leaving us for a woman!"

A female rabbit comes in.

Thumper: "Gotta go my hombre, this girl wants a taste of my carrot!"

A female deer comes in.

Bambi: "No! I'm a lone wolf! My bros left me but I will not be tempted by your female charm!"
Deer links his cheek.
"Holy shit that was hot. My golly women are sexy! I must have you now!"

Okay so this doesn't happen word for word, but this scene does exist and it's hilarious to me.

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