Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda ★★★½

Kung Fu Panda: "Hey Quintin, you ready for a great movie?!"
Me: "Hell ya I am!"
KFP: "The same company that made Megamind made me!"
Me: "I know! I'm pumped!"
KFP: "It's about a panda learning martial arts!"
Me: "Hmmmm okay I guess"
KFP: "You love The Graduate! We have Dustin Hoffman as one of the leads."
Me: "That's pretty cool, any good jokes?"
KFP: "Lots of fat jokes."
Me: "Eh, got any fun side characters?"
KFP: "There's tons! A Kung fu tiger, a Kung fu snake, a Kung fu mantis, a bird that makes noodles, a Kung fu monkey..."
Me: "Hold on! Did you say there's a bird that makes noodles? That's awesome!"
KFP: "Yeah but we are definitely going to lean more into the Kung fu..."
Me: "I love noodles! I like this bird character."
KFP: "You're favorite part is literally a side joke. Stop."

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