Nobody ★★★½

"We haven't had sex in months and we haven't made love in years"

This line has lingered for days.

I feel like my life is a lie. I was under the impression sex and making love were the same thing, I had no idea they were two different things. I know what sex is... that's like... that thing adults do. So then what is making love?

It clearly isn't the same thing because Hutch had sex but not love making this year. I am determined to figure out what making love is because I will not live in lies any longer.

I first tried to use logic. Hutch hasn't made love in years so at least since 2019 which was before the pandemic, so that might be a factor. He also said it involves his wife. My first thought was a concert since they make music. Those have been missing since Covid and a lot of music is used to represent love in movies. I checked the Top 100 Billboards and in 2016 the #1 song of the year is called "Love Yourself". Coincidence? I think not! But I realized the title is Love YOURSELF, not Love Your Wife... so maybe this is Love Making for single people but not what Hutch is referring to.

I went to outside sources instead. I asked my fiance "What is love making?" and she told me to fuck off, not exactly the answer I was looking for. I continued to look. I asked my little siblings "What is love making?", my ten year old sister said she doesn't know what I'm talking about and my brother said to leave him alone.

The people in my own house don't know either. They don't seem to be bothered by this unknown mystery but I will not stop. I reached out on Instagram and asked some Letterboxd friends "What is making love?". No answer. No one knows how to make love! One of them told me he will show me some time, but I couldn't wait for answers.

I lost all hope. I was walking to my bed to go cry myself to sleep when I saw something at the corner of my eye. It was Old El Paso Dinner Kit that comes with ten tacos. It all made sense. Tacos need to be assembled and a pack always comes with roughly ten... which is a perfect amount for two people. Hatch was shown eating in that movie but he didn't have a single taco. Hutch hasn't had sex in months but the poor man hasn't made love... aka made tacos in years.

I can rest easy knowing the answer, and hopefully Hutch can rest soon and make some tacos with his wife.

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