Tenet ★★★★

Nolan: We did it! Just finished another fun movie.
Thomas: All we have left to think is the title.
Manni: Well since the movie is about inverting time, I think the name should be inverted.
Nolan: What does that mean?
Manni: it's the same word spelled backwards. Like racecar!
Thomas: Good idea! Let's name it Dad because this is a total dad film.
Nolan: Oh I understand! So what about naming it Wow... I totally wow people with my awesome movies.
Manni: ... I was thinking more along the lines of Rotator because the film rotates time.
Nolan: Ya but that's a big word, my fans won't understand it, Thomas got any other ideas?
Thomas: They say the word Tenet a few times in the movie that could work.
Nolan: Oh ya! It would be a reference or something.
Manni: We could also...
Nolan: I got it! We should name the movie Nolon. The audience loves me, let's just market me!
Thomas: That's an awesome idea.
Manni: But that's not how you spell your name.
Nolan: Manni, I'm getting the impression you aren't supporting my ideas. I don't appreciate it. We will use Thomas's last idea.
Thomas: Tenet?
Nolan: Sure, who cares. My fans don't give a fuck about a title anyways.

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