Shiva Baby

Shiva Baby ★★★★½

what a way to ring in the new year. LOVED it. made a list of quotes i liked while i was watching:

“what’re you talking about mom i’m not gonna blow him in the bathroom”
“WE are at a SHIVA”
“that’s what i’m SAYING i’m NOT gonna do it”

“who the fuck brings a baby to a shiva”

“she could possibly be the most beautiful person i’ve ever seen”

“OK you’re projecting like a lot of misogyny for like a future women’s march organizer. whats going on”

“you think everyone that’s bi is experimenting. you don’t know ANYTHING. you have ZERO gaydar”

“umm no that’s so nice of you to offer i just don’t think that’s anything that i would i don’t want to be like a girl boss type of- that’s not my thing. ha. but it’s very cool.”

“yeah like a good sister fucks her sister?? what the hell?”

“i’m just wondering how female entrepreneurs do it all”

“j-date has been fantastic. have you tried j-swipe?”

“WHY? because you’re SUPPOSED TO HELP FUCKING OLD PEOPLE i don’t know”

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