Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey ★★★★★

my mother was a huge fan of the show when it was airing but I never watched it with her. when the trailer for the film released I watched it and liked the look of it. however, when my mum and I discussed going to the cinema to see it, there was only a week left until it was leaving cinemas. but I was determined, and I didn’t want to see it without having all the knowledge fans of the show have, which would falter viewing pleasure.

so I binge-watched the entire show in six days. a whole season each day, in other words. I spent every single moment of my spare time watching that show. I watched it whilst in the bath. and if I had a shower, I would defy the laws of... speed physics (??) to put my headphones back in right away once I got out and continue watching. I got to know and love all of these characters, I saw the entire life of one character and then their death within the space of two days.

and then I went to see it.

and I bawled for a whole. two. weeks. straight. that is not an exaggeration. every waking moment I was crying. it actually turned into depression. and normally I hate it when people say “omg my fave show’s done I’m so depressed” but it’s true. I’m autistic which means I get much more obsessed with things than the average person, and what comes with that for me is getting far too attached to characters.

I had spent every single minute of my free time watching the show, I had the characters there to comfort me constantly, to help me through all my other worries at the time. and this film marked the end of it. suddenly, as I walked out of the theatre it dawned on me. that was it. I’d just had my new family taken away from me. I was given them for a week and now they were just gone for good. that’s all I got.

but that’s why this film means so much to me. I can’t give it any less than 5/5 stars because it represents such a happy week of my life, and then one of the worst weeks of my life (bearing in mind I had so many other stresses going on and I no longer had this brilliant show to help me through it all). this film is the last time I saw all my favourite people. the last time I would get to see barrow, and lady mary, and mr carson, bates, molesley, daisy, and so on. 

thank you, julian fellowes. I look forward to all your next work.

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