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  • Fight Club
  • The Fifth Element
  • Primer
  • Die Hard

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  • Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers


  • Space Mutiny


  • Space Mutiny


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  • Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers

    Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers


    There's a new chainsaw coming out soon. They say that it's cutting edge technology.

  • Cool as Ice

    Cool as Ice


    Its like throwing up in your mouth a little bit. If you focus on that, it's pretty gross and uncomfortable. In this case you'll experience this because you're laughing too much.

    If you plan to watch this with friends, research some ice puns first.

Popular reviews

  • Fight of Fury

    Fight of Fury


    I watched this again because I knew it was special.

    The editing is hilariously odd, the ADR is weird and often unnecessary like when a dog breathing is obviously dubbed by a man, the story is mediocre and has to be pieced together from fortune cookie fortunes.

    But by far the best part is the nonsensical dialogue.

    Reminiscing his lost love: "Every breath I take, I smell you sweet fragrance coming out of your body."

    Being humble: "In this world,…

  • Crime Killer

    Crime Killer


    If you're soft, don't watch this amazing vanity project. Never go soft.

    Bumbling acting, twisted timelines and Vietnam flashbacks, barrel garbage partner killing punk ninjas, undercover gardening, topless tennis, revenge training, shootouts, a hanging man mystery, drugs are victory, motorcycles, remote control devices, exploding watches, all somehow wrapped in a plot to kill the hardest target of them all.