Parasite ★★★★★

Stop reading this if you haven't seen the film. Don't watch any of the trailers. Avoid looking at even a tweet about this movie.

I came into Parasite knowing nothing about the film, even thinking that it was a horror movie. I'm so glad I did that. The film masterfully unravels, taking you on a journey from charmed laughter to harrowing terror. Completely confident in its choices, it shifts through three different genres in as many scenes, pulls out plot twist after plot twist making it feel like the most natural thing, and breaks tempo to linger not when it has to, but because it wants to.

And yes, I'm talking about the film like it's a living, breathing thing--because it feels that way. Much like main character Kim Ki-Woo andhis rock, director Bong Joon-Ho has imbued this film with organism-like qualities. It goes wherever it wants, and all you have to do is watch and follow. Bong has always been my favorite of the Korean directors, and Parasite may just be his best film.

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