Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★½


This is basically Klaus but with sign language and heavy metal. I did really enjoy this movie overall, especially Riz Ahmed’s acting. This is easily one of the best performances of the year, if not the. There were a lot of great scenes (especially in the first act) with a lot of strong tension to them and I wish there was more of that in the second and third acts.

The movie’s sound design was pretty stellar. I’m not hard of hearing myself so Im not sure what it feels like, though I wonder how accurately this movie portrays being deaf or extreme hearing loss. From what I’ve heard it does so amazingly, though to be fair, wouldn’t people who are hard of hearing be unable to tell if this movie tackles being hard of hearing well because they aren’t able to hear the movie? Bad joke, my bad. Besides, sometimes the film feels inconsistent with whether or not Ruben can hear what other characters say.

I really like this movie and recommend it to everyone who wants to see a great performance (easily the best I’ve ever seen from Riz) and would easily label this film as “very good.”

Boom shaka-lakka.