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  • Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
  • Solaris
  • The Spirit of the Beehive
  • Fantasia

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  • For Heaven's Sake


  • A Slightly Pregnant Man

  • Bay of Angels


  • Personal Property

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  • A Slightly Pregnant Man

    A Slightly Pregnant Man

    Those reading Demy's work on contemporary panorama as a defense of trans activism with a mix of second wave of feminism are missing the actual picture of the film. For starters each of these two ideologies preclude the other from existing, they aren't of mutual agreement but rather each one is against the other. The second way feminism (the one presented during the period of time of the movie) is what nowadays is found within radical feminism which is against…

  • Bay of Angels

    Bay of Angels


    The work behind the restoration is simply incredible and worth noticing; the contrast, the sound mixing and repaired footage displays the main essence Demy was keen of with a highly sophisticated aesthetic. Here gambling, especially the game-changing roulette, is glamorized. During the time when gambling was run out of Cuba and was illegal practically everywhere in the US besides Nevada, there is a sense of mystique around it that evokes thoughts of James Bond. Jacques Demy captures the ecstasy but ultimate agony of gambling flawlessly.

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  • Scarface


    "He became so powerful, the only thing he feared was losing his power. Which eventually of course he did."

    As expected within "raise and fall" narratives, the beginning starts in a far more promising note due to its persistent pulse and thrill in contrast with the rather paused and (somewhat) cyclic ending which became more goofy in contrast to its rather grounded first and second act. Is rather usual on these type of gangster epics but either way the protagonist…

  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    The definition of “injurioushit” was invented here. Early of the 2020s, endless nominations to prestigious awards, why should I be surprised? Alas, the industry is not concerned to give appropriate representation to the acute topic, I shouldn’t be surprised they give a middle finger to rape victims because is fucking Hollywood, facade, cinema that gives you as much information you’ll find in a pamphlet.

    This is one of the most fantastic and artificial products (yes, product not movie) that has…