Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

I'm finally catching up on some of this year's Oscar Nominees and Sound of Metal marked a great start for my journey.

I won't be addressing many of the controversy's around this film in my review. However, I highly recommend that anyone who reads my review also checks out some reviews from the deaf community on letterboxd. I loved reading everything you all wrote and I thank you all for sharing your experiences with this film. Lots of your words were inspiring and I'm looking forward to learning more about your community in the near future.

Sound of Metal was fantastic. I've followed Riz Ahmed ever since I saw Nightcrawler back when I was 13. In Sound of Metal his acting abilities really shine. I really couldn't picture anyone else playing Ruben. Throughout the film, Ruben constantly grows as a character until the films final moments. I always like to avoid spoilers in my reviews, but holy shit the ending of this film is fantastic. It's something everyone should experience for themselves. Also, the entire confrontation scene was amazing. "I don't know the situation you put yourself in. But from where I'm sitting, you look and sound like an addict."

The technical work here is also exceptional. You're able to connect to Ruben's character thanks to the remarkable sound design and editing work. I applaud the sound team immensely.

Sound of Metal also marks the directorial debut of Darius Marder. And I gotta say, he has big things in store for us. Marder really knows how to build a connection between the characters of his work and the audience. His work here is nothing short of brilliant. I can't wait to see whatever he comes out with next.

Overall, Sound of Metal is one of few "can't miss films" of 2020. I highly recommend checking this out.

Ps. Man, I wish we could've all experienced this in the theater together. Until we're able to return to the big screen, stay safe everyone.

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