Lady Bird ★★★★★

“But it doesn’t mean that you’re happy.”

I’m so much like Lady Bird and that makes me mad at myself kinda because I see how naïve I actually am but won’t admit and I probably still won’t be able to see it fully for a while more just like her. Anyways, I got into CSUN which it’s not the hardest college to get into but I’m the first person in my family to go so I’m still kinda proud of myself anyways. And even though I’m most likely going to be commuting still it’s going to be so different from the last 12 years of school and that’s kind of intimidating but also sounds so appealing because really by freshman year I had limited my social skills so much that even when I did fix them it was too late to make friends, but here’s to a fresh start.

Also, I know everyone says this in their Lady Bird reviews but, I really love my mom. I don’t tell her that enough. When I’m around her I find her overbearing and suffocating and just want to get away. But when she’s not around I realize how safe I feel when she’s near me. It’s hard to practice what you preach but I’m going to try to appreciate her more when she’s with me, especially since things are changing so fast and in a few years I’m going to be all on my own.

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