Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man

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This review may contain spoilers.

I really think that this transcends traditional hypermasculine revenge narratives. H is a badass, yes, but he's evidently and irreparably broken and there is no closure that comes from him exacting his revenge. All that's left is a pile of dead bodies and the nothingness that remains of his life. There are also no women in refrigerators, or Strong Female Characters(TM), or women as decorations, which are extremely pervasive issues in the genre. Each woman in the film has their integrity intact. There's a startling amount of restraint and grace in the depictions of violence and sex. A lesser film would:

a) Show the teenage girls actively being sexually assaulted and H coming in guns a'blazing to save the damsels in distress.
b) Show H banging Dana's back out when they had sex.
c) Show the life leaving his son's eyes when he was murdered.

This film doesn't rely on any of these things. It's not a glorification of toxic masculinity. It's not a pornographic showcase of gratuitousness. It's about how revenge doesn't give you closure, or save anybody, and it doesn't give you back the person you lost. In the search for revenge, you must dig two graves. Or eight hundred, in this case.

Also, I'm sorry, but "put your asshole back inside of your asshole" has got to be the greatest one-liner in the history of cinema.

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