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  • House on the Sand

    House on the Sand


    'why does evening happen?'. the washed out quality of the copy i watched perfectly fits the mood of the film. almost dialogue-free wanderings thru dimly lit spaces, faces turned away from the camera or lingering in the shadows, interspersed with haunting dream fragments. feeling as empty as josip's march towards the end.

  • Excitação



    hysterical in floral sheets. following the move to a beach house after a mental breakdown, helena can't catch a break. her shitty computer engineer gaslighting husband is having an affair with both their neighbor (widow of the man who hanged himself at the house and stars in helena's visions) and her biker sister. plus the house is coming for her, almost dying in the shower and attacked by the fan, television spontaneously turned on showing a mass, blender and record player coming to life. 'excitação' noncommittally cycles through a heap of moods and manages to stay fresh throughout.

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