Favorite films

  • Memoria
  • Suroh: Alien Hitchhiker
  • Povero Cristo
  • Rejuvenique Video Manual

Recent activity

  • We Are, Our Mountains


  • Trois ponts sur la rivière


  • Champ provençal


  • Barn Rushes


Recent reviews

  • Heaven Is Only in Hell

    Heaven Is Only in Hell


    evil is eternal and all-encompassing so heaven is only in hell collapses space and time onto themselves. heaven and hell are the same, the end is the beginning is the end.

  • Maleficia



    presents a compelling argument for 'why choose between satanists, zombies and vampires when you can have them all'. consumes itself maybe too fast gunning for an endless forward momentum but never not totally elated to writhe around on its own blood, pus and viscerae.

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