i like stories of nuns, witches, prostitutes and suicidal outlaw cowboys

Favorite films

  • The Nun
  • A Woman Under the Influence
  • Raise the Red Lantern
  • Red Light District: Gonna Get Out

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  • Martin


  • Femme Fatale


  • The Hitch-Hiker


  • Gun Crazy


Recent reviews

  • The Matrix Resurrections

    The Matrix Resurrections

    is this a new type of marketing where they plant fake reviews and a fake version of the movie on your accounts and you have to follow clues to break out and find the actual movie file?

  • Sorcerer


    vehicles are what always comes to my mind when i think of tools that have been ascribed organic features and attributes… and it’s weird because they aren’t at that existentially concerning. maybe it’s because we always had them in mind as animals, in a sense. this truck even has teeth and a flipper! its eyes in the headlights! they came from a time when there was a lot less insecuriy around the usefulness of living creatures, and there was somehow…

Popular reviews

  • The White Ribbon

    The White Ribbon

    i can’t wait for the michael haneke auteur of the late 21st/early 22nd century to make the white ribbon only instead of a stark depiction of the social forces that shaped the children who would go on to become nazis it’s a sterile, numb lens on suburban american teens in the 00s and 2010s jacking off to hentai and hanging up kekistan flags in their bedrooms and screaming at their moms

  • Booksmart


    'filme adolescente' não é bem-sucedido entre o público-alvo agora porque não é feito para adolescentes, assim como filmes de terror gentrificados não são feitos para pessoas que gostam de filmes de terror: projetos revisionistas “independentes” para fauxhemianos em seus 20 e 30 anos de idade.

    (adendo: o tropo de enviar os protagonistas pra yale toda maldita vez me parece tão levianamente concedida aos roteiristas do gênero...sei lá, mandem os personagens pra uma faculdade comunitária pra variar, bem mais palpável pra mais da metade de adolescentes estadunidenses)