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  • Hot Fuzz

    Hot Fuzz


    Still fucking funny, and more good-natured and sweet than I remembered. Nick Frost isn't really doing anything original with his lovable buffoon character, but he strikes exactly the right tonal balance for this film, where he says some dumb (but hilarious) things like "no he's NOT Judge Judy and executioner!" and does some dumb (but hilarious) physical comedy; but he's also a good person and a good cop when it matters.

    When I saw this in theaters I remember spending…

  • The Light of the Moon

    The Light of the Moon


    I knew this was going to be a tough sit, and I was right. But I'm extremely impressed with the restraint and honesty used here to tell the story of a woman's survival of sexual assault. I like the exploration of what we think of as the "right" way to process trauma or help a loved one process trauma. Without spelling it out explicitly, this shows how assault erodes one's sense of privacy and autonomy, and how invasive it feels…

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  • The Guest

    The Guest


    Still a perfect movie. I love the progression from squirming discomfort to "maybe this dude is OK" to "holy shit this goes all the way to the top." I love how Dan Stevens manages to be charming, sexy, and scary all at once. I love that you're rooting for both him and the hapless family he descends upon (as opposed to most slasher movies where the killer is some faceless menace and you are actively rooting for his victims to…

  • The Suckling

    The Suckling


    Some elements of this are hilariously bad (most of the acting and dialogue, some of the camera work), while others are really impressive for a movie of any budget (the creature effects!). I'm tempted to say the creature effects are TOO good for this film, but there are a few moments of creative insanity that actually bring the film up to the level of the special effects, however briefly.

    Mostly this movie made me laugh at our ideas about what…