L.A. Story ★★★★

Low-key blown away by this. Steve Martin was really on one from 1981-1991. I love so much of his output from that span and this is a really great capstone to it. It's a fable that is packed with Zucker Bro type gags and celeb cameos, but also filled with Shakespeare references and Godard allusions. It feels like it could have been the progenitor of some sort of "wave." It's a ride! And an oddly life-affirming one at that. It manages to be wacky and deeply personal (which makes sense given the fact he cast his wife as his love interest) at the same time, which is a very fine line to walk. Yet it manages it for the most part. I could easily see it being a complete disaster if Martin wasn't the one writing it. There's a joke every five seconds and somehow they all land. Also SJP is really great, she deserves recognition for this role.

The editing gave me whiplash and there are a couple of scenes that are for some reason filmed like bad music videos with strange Enya-esque music playing. Aside from these quibbles I loved it!